About the convention

The IAF’s 31st World Fashion Convention in 2015 joins forces with the renowned 8th Istanbul Fashion Conference.

İstanbul_4272The IAF’s motto ‘Building Bridges across Continents converges with the location of Istanbul, the only city in the world that actually has two bridges joining Continents. The IAF and TGSD (Turkish Clothing Manufacturers’ Association) firmly believe that the bridge also signifies the collaboration between retail, brands and manufacturers that must always be at the heart of real improvements in the apparel industry.

The theme of this Convention is ‘making it better’. The industry faces multiple challenges which combined create downward pressure on clothing’s value perception of consumers. Our Convention will look into the future and highlight the current positive developments that are rejuvenating and strengthening our industry. We will look at investments in local skills, investments in CSR and sustainability, in products, in supply chain management and in marketing. The Convention’s top speakers will give you, in 2 days, a clear birds eye view of where our industry stands and where it is heading. It gives you a very effective global networking platform combined with a clear sense of direction of the future of our industry across all disciplines.

Day 1 of the Convention will feature a world class speakers program. IAF’s and TGSD’s Conference speakers are traditionally leaders in our industry, coming from business, business associations and consultancy. Past speakers include….
Day 2 will be a mixture of business to business meetings, workshops on different aspects of supply chain cooperation and a parallel program for different groups of delegates.

Istanbul forms the perfect location for an optimistic story of supply chain cooperation. In Turkey, in one of the major apparel manufacturing countries in the world, the apparel industry has invested in quality, speed and service. Istanbul is also an excellent place to network over the Convention’s dinners and cocktails. As an added advantage, this Convention will take place during the Istanbul Fashion week allowing Convention delegates to mix with the grandest fashion fiestas in the year in Turkey.

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