Study tour

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The study tour is traditionally a combination of factory visits and social and cultural activities.

The objective of the Study Tour is twofold:
1. To offer participants a quick but valuable insight into the apparel industry of the host country.
2. To offer a unique and memorable experience as a great backdrop for creating lasting business and global relations in the apparel industry.

This year, Istanbul itself will be a world class location for a memorable study tour. The city lends itself perfectly to a combination of gaining industry insights and impressive cultural sights.
The Study Tour will start on Friday, October 16th, immediately following the Convention. It will last until Sunday Lunch time, October 18th. One day will be devoted to company visits and one and a half days will be devoted to cultural and social activities. Because delegates are most likely already staying in the Convention hotel, the Hilton Bosphorus in the town’s centre, this hotel will most likely be the hotel for the Study Tour as well.

The Study Tour’s price will cover all costs, including accomodation, food, drinks, transportation and tickets.

Friday, October 16th:

  1. Visit to four apparel companies just outside of Istanbul
  2. Dinner in Istanbul

Saturday, October 17th:

  1. City tour:
  2. Topkapi Palace tour with private guide.
  3. Aya Sofia tour with private guide
  4. Blue Mosque
  5. Transfer by private boat to Princes Islands in the Sea of Marmara, Lunch on Board the Boat
  6. Check into hotel on Princes Island, small tour of the island
  7. Dinner at Princes Island

Sunday, October 18th

  1. Breakfast in hotel
  2. Transfer back to Istanbul by ferry
  3. Lunch in Istanbul
  4. Visit of Dolmabahce Palace, Spice Market or free time or transfer to the airport
  5. (Optional and outside of main program: Dinner in Istanbul and check in hotel.)

Additional information:
The Study Tour’s price will cover most costs, including food, drinks, accommodation on the Princes Islands and transportation and entry tickets starting on Friday, October 16th until Sunday, October 18th.

Because delegates are most likely already staying in the Convention hotel, the Hilton Bosphorus in the town’s centre, this hotel will be the hotel for the Study Tour, from Thursday to Friday and from Friday to Saturday as well. To keep logistics simple, these hotel nights are not part of the Study Tour price. If you sign up for the Study Tour, we will simply arrange to extend your stay in the Hilton Bosphorus for you.

The price for an individual participant will be € 795. The price for a couple will be € 1295. The tour will end in Istanbul on Sunday allowing all participants to catch all late afternoon and evening flights out of Istanbul. For those participants catching a morning or early afternoon flight on Monday, October 19th, the IAF will arrange a dinner on the evening of Sunday October 18th as well as hotel accommodation upon request.